Lindsay Brin, B.S. Exercise (@momsintofitness)

2 weeks ago

HIIT is beneficial for every fitness level. You decide how many reps you fit into the time allotted. In this Gentle HIIT routine we use a resistance loop [you can also use leggings tied in a knot] to increase the work load, while going easy on the joints. Beginners, try this workout without the loop. I give modifications throughout the entire workout to add or subtract difficulty…volume ⬆️ for cues. . Do you tend to feel pushups in your neck or back? Swipe to #4 ️⃣! Let’s start with a pecker pushup and build core stabilization. Also perfect for postnatal mommas! . Gentle HIIT12 is part of our 30 Day Restore and Postnatal programs. Go to and search Gentle HIIT 😀 . . . #momsintofitness #hiitworkouts #hiittraining #momworkout #momworkouts . .