Candace (@candacecreations)

2 weeks ago

Jordan Had her first level 6 meet today and did amazing! (4th all around and 2nd team award )I always love watching her and was glad my sister was able to come with us. Normally what we did was I went with Jordan to her meets and tyler and The boys would have their guy time together doing man stuff with dad. Tyler and the boys would come to some But not all, and tyler would always eagerly await my text updates as she did each event and her scores came through. After her first event score came up I instinctively reached for my phone to send it to him, then remembered. Jordan did the same thing, when she was saluting she found herself looking to the bleachers looking for her dad whistling for her the way he would when he was there. Despite having all that going on, Jordan did so well, I was impressed watching her routines and just proud of her and who she is. She has the same focus, discipline and resilience of her dad.