Mia Mingus (@mia.mingus)

2 weeks ago

Using the mic is not about you, It’s about the other people in the room. It’s about accessibility. And #AccessIsLove . . People may need a mic to be used for many different reasons. For example: translators who are live-translating into other spoken languages, folks for whom the language you’re speaking is not their first language, folks who are deaf/hard of hearing, ASL interpreters, people who may need to multitask for support (such as knitting, doodling, etc ) and need to be able to hear what’s going on clearly without having to look up, etc. . Using a mic also helps to slow things down and though abled supremacy would have us believe otherwise, SLOW IS GOOD! (Resist the ableist construction of pace. ) It can help folks be able to focus and take in information better as well. So, next time, wait for the mic before you share. Oh, and make sure you also have a mic/sound system that *actually works.* If i had a nickel... . I appreciate this comic, esp as someone who has had a significant hearing loss since i was a kid & is always straining to hear what folks are saying. 🧡 . . [Image description (from https://u.osu.edu/composingaccess/during-the-presentation/ ): This comic, “Six Methods of Microphone Avoidance,” was collaboratively conceived, designed, and illustrated by Margaret Price and Amanda J. Hedrick @ajcraftsandstuff . The subtitle is, “Or, What Not to Say When Someone Asks You to Use a Mic.” The comic is a circle with six wedge-shaped panels. In panel #1 , a bearded person wearing glasses says, “I don’t see anyone deaf here” while audience members respond, “That’s … not how it works.” In panel #2 , a person with curly hair wearing a dress says, “The cord doesn’t reach!” In panel #3 , a tall person with broad shoulders says, “I was raised in a military family. I’ve got a loud voice.” In panel #4 , a speaker says, “A little phallic for my taste” while an audience member says in frustration, “Oh good–jokes.” In panel #5 , a balding person wearing a tie says, “Thanks, but I’m trying to quit! Ha ha!” In panel #6 , a long-haired person at a podium says, “You can all hear me, right?” while audience members say to one another, “What’d they say?” and “Did you catch that?”]