shurupchik family travel (@shurupchik)

Sep 2019

🇩🇪 Let‘s start a new tradition, shall we?!.. * Honestly, we are not even sure if this post is more for you or for us. Because saying things loud and publicly makes it binding, right? * ..Soooo... * We show here so much of our travels, but we are so guilty of almost never sharing anything from the city we call home - Dortmund. * It‘s time to change this! * Thus starting September, every Tuesday we will share with you our tips and stories about and from Dortmund - from favorite cafes to playgrounds, to the best bushes to pick blackberries (it’s a bit late for those though ). * And as the Blogging rule dictates - here is a tag #dienstag_in_dortmund to keep it all in one place. * All the thoughts and wishes regardingbour decision are more than welcome; ) #visitdortmund #ruhrpott #nrw #germany