David Alan Harvey (@davidalanharvey)

Aug 2019

I was going thru my rooms of boxes and piles of my years of color slides and prints and magazines sentimental paraphernalia and yea some just junk but I came across this spread in a nicely done photo book about portraits that I’d forgotten about misplaced buried yet happy to find. I loved this cool as it gets story when I went back to a Maya village high in the mountains of Guatemala and re met a man from 14 years prior whose picture I published in NatGeo full page and I was simply bringing the magazine back for him to see. Only 14 years late. He didn’t seem even slightly surprised to see me again and said he was waiting for me and still had the Polaroid I’d shot of him which got it all rolling in the first place .. So I photograph him again 14 years later holding NatGeo up and standing against same wall and I swear to God almighty he was dressed just as you see both times.. So now here he is getting his photo in NatGeo twice! He didn’t know the first time and didn’t care the second. We could only speak by eye contact. The color shift is only because I shot the first picture with Kodachrome II and the second with Kodachrome 64.. My formal education looks ok on paper .. but I was a terrible student I think ..yet SAVED by photography... pure luck.. my education my world view comes from photographing amazing people from every continent and culture and not simply photographing them but hanging with them deep learning exciting as hell so visceral ..and then I’d take a picture!! I’ll have a new book coming this fall .. it’s taken me forever to get it done but I kept taking things out .. my Japanese best lifetime friend Masaaki Okada ,whose ashes are on my mantle, my colleague in art school taught me to cut cut cut ... so I’m taking a theoretically very long story and trying to make it a visual haiku.. it could be one of those really embarrassing late in career belly flops...I should just play it safe .. ha! yet if I’d played it safe I never wda met my Maya friend nor gone back on a whim 14 years later.. @magnumphotos #kodachrome #maya